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Tony Benkowski
Tony Benkowski
82274-94 WI
Metro West Suburban
Tony Benkowski has deep roots in the Milwaukee area communities. Born and raised in this modest Midwest city, Tony has lived in many of the communities which surround the Milwaukee area. Living here for over 50 years has given him unique insight to many of the local school systems, neighborhoods, and attractions that make Southeast Wisconsin a great place to live.
Growing up in a family of seven taught him the values which make him a great realtor today. Trust, honesty, and integrity are the standards for which he lives his life, and are the foundation for his real estate career. You can rely on him to represent you with integrity for all your real estate needs.
Tony also prides himself on “real-time” communication, an absolute must in today’s fast paced real estate market! Whether it’s by phone, email, or text he’ll always respond and get back to you as soon as possible.
Tony’s resourcefulness, persistence, and constant communication make him an invaluable partner, so when the time comes to look for the perfect buyer for your home, or find the home of your dreams be sure to have him on the top of your list!


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